Monday, November 21, 2011

Grilled Chicken Wrap

Some days we all want something home cooked, but that does not mean we have time to pull out several pots and pans to slave in a hot kitchen. Honestly, who really has any time these days?

This latest recipe is something home cooked with out the hard labor, which was nice especially since I actually cooked it while I was in the middle of cooking several other things. It’s quick, simple, easy clean up and tasty. Who could want more?

Grilled Chicken Wrap
2-3 Servings

2 Chicken fillets, season to your taste
½ of a red pepper
½ of a green pepper
½ of an onion
3 tortillas (Or however many are needed, in my case there was enough for 3, but my tortillas were tiny.)
Shredded Cheese to taste

Step One: After seasoning the chicken, grill it until it is finished cooking. Feel free to cut open the chicken to check how done it is, since later on the chicken will be cut apart anyways.

Step Two: While the chicken is cooking, slice the vegetables. I sliced enough for two pieces of each vegetable per tortilla, but again, if you have bigger tortillas feel free to add more of each vegetable.

Step Three: When chicken is done and cooled enough to touch, slice the chicken and divide between the tortillas. Add the vegetables, followed by the cheese. Finish wrapping the tortilla, use a toothpick if desired to hold it closed.

Step Four: Place back on the grill to warm and melt the cheese. If there’s enough cheese, it will hold the tortilla closed and the tooth pick is no longer needed. Serve with a dipping sauce that compliments your seasonings.

If you have time: Saute or grill the vegetables as well.

Also try: adding other vegetables, seasoning the tortillas, other meats, marinating the chicken.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the Spider to the Fly

So no spiders and no flies are mentioned in this post (and none were involved either), but rather a quaint little restaurant called, “The Parlour” in Jackson, MI. My mother and stopped there this past Saturday after a day of wonderful wine tasting (Do not worry, I will talk about glorious wine tasting soon enough). From the pictures, it’s easy to tell the place looked quaint and rather old timey.

While known for it’s ice cream, we ate dinner as a pre-cursor to the tasty ending. I ordered “The Parlour Signature” burger ($6.95, the most expensive burger). This burger had a ⅓ lbs beef patty and was topped with onions, lettuce, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, tomato, mushrooms, bacon and ham (Yes, it had a slice of ham on it)! While I opted out of the cheddar cheese an tomato, this hamburger was delicious. Admittedly, I was expecting a much greaser burger, but I was pleasantly surprised at the very minimal amount of grease and even that was just juice. Just see for yourself how tasty the burger (and fries!) look:

But the best part, however, was the “Sundae of the Month”. The sundae this month contained one scoop vanilla, one scoop cinnamon, and one scoop pumpkin spice ice cream ($5.95). Than it was topped with two cherries, a mound of whip cream, and the topping of our choice, which was caramel at this case. No one in their right mind could resist this (Not even my vegan brother):

As if this was not amazing enough, they have their “Dare to be Great” challenge. For $29.99 you get 21 scoops of ice cream and multiple toppings, but if you alone finish it with in an hour you can get it for free! They also have the “Baby Dare to be Great” which we saw a great grandpa treating three rambunctious boys which is 10 scoops instead of 21.

If you’re in Jackson, MI, this is a cute place to check out with decent food, great ice cream and good prices.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Roasted Garlic, Mmmm

Recently I have been all about roasting garlic. Granted, I have always been all for garlic, but lately roasted has stolen my heart. Maybe it is the amazing garlic roaster I just put an order in for from Avon (Yay for my Aunt being an Avon Rep!)* or the fact that some how my boyfriend and I keep finding restaurants that have roasted garlic in our meals, but any way you slice it (or roast it... bad joke, please bare with), roasted garlic is amazing.

Yesterday I roasted garlic for the first time using tips from these two blogs/websites:

The Hungry Mouse
Simply Recipes

I love the fact that The Hungry Mouse (Such a cute name!) not only shows an obvious infatuation with garlic just like me, but also shows multiple ways of using roasted garlic, including garlic infused oil and compound butter. Plus all the pictures let me know I am doing it right. Let’s face it, I am a highly visual person, sometimes I just do not get written directions. While sometimes her written directions are hard to follow, the pictures helped me at least, keep me on the right track.

Simply Recipes just had the most amazing tip: put the garlic in a muffin tin. It not only holds the garlic straight up, but it is perfectly sized for garlic. The only issue? If you are trying to infuse cooking oil at the same time, it is a hell of a feat to get the oil from the muffin tin into a container. Nearly darn impossible… Trust me, I tried it yesterday and mess one big mess.

Now some of you might be asking the most important question: Why roast garlic?

First off, it tastes amazing, alone or with other food. Secondly, it is a healthy alternative to butter. Thirdly, it keeps the sparkly weirdos far far away, as well as their squeaky fan girls. Fourth, you can easily turn it into a garlic paste and use it mashed potatoes, with vegetables, mix with butter, etc. I am sure I am missing some fantastic reasons to roast garlic. So feel free to share your ideas with us!

* Speaking of Avon, if you are ever looking for an Avon lady, I know a swell one. Just let me know and I will get you in touch with her.